Try The Good Reading at The Library
Tuesday January 30th 2007, 10:07 am

During our cold winter months I used to love watching television in the evenings. Every evening between 9 and 11 pm, I would settle down in front of the television, for an evening of entertainment. Some of my favourites are Lost, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break and 24, but I have to wait until February until Lost starts again. There were others I enjoyed, but they have been cancelled because everyone seems to be watching CSI and Law and Order, in their various forms, every night of the week. I don’t watch any of these shows because they all seem like the same show over and over. They have a winning formula and keep repeating it. I don’t know how many different ones are being made, but it seems like at least a dozen, between the two of them. Someone like me, who doesn’t like them, finds these shows and their everlasting previews and advertisements, and others like them, too much.

My television viewing is now limited to five or six hours a week for entertainment shows and an hour or two a day for the news. Most evenings I don’t watch any television, except the news. I would much sooner read a crime story in a book, than watch it on television, as there is no comparision. I read everyday, but am reading more and watching television less. I guess you would consider this a good thing, but I prefer fiction to non-fiction, which may not be considered enlightening or educational. Today I am finishing “Echo Park” by Michael Connelly, which is very good and is one of the Harry Bosch series of novels, which I enjoy. I prefer British and Canadian crime novels to American, but they are all good reading entertainment.

I prefer to get my books from the library rather than buying them. Once I have read a book, I don’t want to have to store it somewhere, and probably won’t ever want to read it again. Books are expensive, especially if you read one or two books every week. The library has an excellent system to request books online and put a hold on them until they are available. I never just go to the library to browse anymore, as I do the browsing online. I check the “Fiction Bestseller Orders” list and request books which are still on order and haven’t even been received by the library yet. I also request books online based on the Globe & Mail, MacLeans and New York Times bestseller lists, or articles in newspapers and magazines about interesting books. At the present time I have thirty-one books on hold at my local library. When the book comes in to the library branch in my area, I receive a phone call that it is available to be picked up, so I am never without a library book to read. The good thing is that it’s free for library users. We pay for it with our taxes, so we should take advantage of the great benefit of having a library.

Another benefit of the library is to get movies on DVD’s. All libraries have a good selection of older movies at the branches. Newer releases usually have to be requested, because there is usually a long list waiting for these. I like requesting the older “Film Noir” movies from the 1940’s, which don’t have a long wait before you can get them.

Happy reading,