Thursday, January 18
Thursday January 18th 2007, 2:24 pm

It is sunny and milder today, but still not as nice as it was earlier this week, when we didn’t think winter would ever start. The rhododendron leaves are still shrivelled up, so I guess it won’t warm up until later today. We are expecting mild temperatures and rain all day tomorrow, which I hope is enough to melt most of the snow. I still haven’t dusted off my winter boots yet this winter, but we still have 62 days to go, and anything can happen.

Yesterday I spent hours looking at hundreds of pictures on my computer which I took last summer. There were pictures of the ocean and beaches, our dogs, gardens, our vacation out west, and the summer cottage. Everything looked so bright, fresh and colorful, which is in sharp contrast to the shades of white and gray outside my window today.

It was so cold yesterday that we didn’t go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We did get take-out Chinese food from the East West Restaurant, which was very good, and we watched a DVD of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the evening. In the next few days, we will do the usual dinner and a movie celebration, which we like to do for our birthdays and anniversaries. I would like to see “Dreamgirls” or “The Queen” but neither are playing in any of the Dartmouth theatres until next week. If we want to go this week, we will have to travel to Halifax.

Since I retired, travel to Halifax is limited to once or twice a month. I go to my hairdresser in Halifax every six weeks and we go shopping to the Bayers Lake big box stores like Costco, Linens n Things and Michaels once a month. All my favourite stores will be at the new Dartmouth Crossing retail development which will be opening this week, so I will be going to Halifax even less in the future.

We drove through the Dartmouth Crossing development a few days ago, and even though it isn’t open yet, it is massive, with 202 hectares of land being developed. Wal-mart, Home Depot and Staples open today and several more big box stores will be opening within the next few weeks and months, including a new 12-screen theatre, with Costco and most of the remaining stores opening by this fall. There will be three phases over a 10 year period, with over 100 stores and restaurants in the first phase. The best part is that it is only 10 minutes by car to get there, and it takes 25 minutes to get to Bayers Lake in Halifax. Dartmouth Crossing is more pedestrian friendly than Bayers Lake, where you have to drive from store to store. It will be quite a development, so I will be spending a lot of time there in the future.

Have a nice day,