Planning for a Relaxing Christmas
Saturday December 09th 2006, 12:26 pm

I have been so busy lately shopping almost every day that I haven’t had much time to write in this blog. I finished my Christmas shopping, hopefully, this morning and we will be decorating the Christmas tree and the inside of the house today. I mailed the cards and gifts yesterday so they will get to their destinations in time. I don’t plan on doing any Christmas baking this year because it never gets eaten during the holidays and I always end up eating more than I should. I bought cookies, squares and mincemeat tarts so that will have to do. In the past, the worst part of Christmas is rushing to get everything done and never accomplishing it until the last minute. Unless I plan it well, I get so tired by Christmas day that I don’t enjoy it. I made the cranberry sauce so the only reason I will have to go to any stores in the next two weeks is to get the free range turkey and the vegetables. I feel like I am ready now, so it should be an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas, at least that is my plan. Our Monday’s snowfall melted by yesterday morning. We got a few more centimeters of it last night but that will melt tomorrow. Today is Saturday and the malls are crazy, so I’m glad I’m not out there now.

Have a happy shopping day,