Stop the nonsense and get back to business
Tuesday October 24th 2006, 11:16 am

It is ridiculous that the Liberals and the news media are making such a case out of trying to get Peter MacKay to apologize to Belinda Stronach for supposedly calling her a dog in the House of Commons. You would think the Liberals had better and more important things to do with their time there. Of course they want to take advantage of the situation to make Mr. MacKay look bad which is what politicians like to do. If a Liberal were in that position, the Conservatives would be attacking too.

I think he probably did say it, but without proof, he won’t own up to it and really who cares if he does. I am sure that even Belinda doesn’t care and has been called worse. To insult an ex-girfriend, who dumped him, isn’t the same as insulting all women as the media are reporting. Both men and women will say mean things to each other in these situations. The only reason he said it in the House of Commons is because they both work there and the atmosphere there encourages name calling and insults between the parties. If he apologizes, the Liberals and media will blow it out of proportion and ask for his resignation. I don’t think Peter MacKay is any more sexist than any other man but I do think that the Conservative Party, in general, has some issues towards women.

I hope this dies down and all parties get back to managing the country better than they have recently.