Pictures of an autumn day
Friday October 20th 2006, 10:24 am

I put a few pictures on this site of our trip to the cottage last week, with some pictures of our toy poodle, Penny. Archie was there also but he got too close to the camera for the pictures to turn out. I got only close ups of his ear and nose. I wanted to capture pictures of the leaves turning colors before the wind blew them off, so I took the pictures while we drove in the car. I took several pictures and only a few turned out blurry due to the movement of the car. This surprised me because I didn’t think any of them would turn out.

It was a very pleasant autumn day with a temperature high of 17C. It was sunny and the leaves were just a little past their prime for colors. Some trees were still green but many had lost some of their leaves. Within the next few weeks most of the leaves will be gone and the trees will be bare. Many of our neighbours will be out raking the leaves and either putting them on their gardens, composting them or disposing of them in clear plastic bags. These bags are picked up by the city of Halifax and composted. This spring I bought several bags of leaf compost for my garden so I probably should compost my own leaves instead of buying them next spring. A sunny day in autumn is almost perfect for enjoying nature before it gets too cold.

Have a nice day, Anne