Garth Turner
Thursday October 19th 2006, 1:09 pm

I used to read Garth Turner’s weekly column in the Business Section of our daily newspaper every Saturday. I enjoyed his comments and knowledge about the Canadian economy, housing, mortgages and investing. I first heard about him when he was the Minister of National Revenue briefly in the 1990’s, when I was an employee of that Department. He gave up writting his newspaper column when he was elected as a Conservative MP in Ontario in the last federal election.

I wasn’t aware that he had a weblog until recently when I found it while looking for something else. His weblog is called “Garths Daily Weblog - The Turner Report - serving Canada’s middle-class voter agenda” and is about the empowerment of the middle class in Canada. He is very vocal in his beliefs of trying to help the Canadian middle-class which sometimes went against his own party. I have read several of his blogs and plan on going back to read his older blogs. They are very enlightening about politics in Ottawa. He also discusses the environment and some of the same things he talked about in his newspaper column such as taxes, housing and the economy. He reminds me of CTV’s Mike Duffy but his way of “telling it like it is” and being critical of all the political parties, including his own, is okay for a journalist but not a politician. I think Mr. Turner forgot that he is no longer a journalist and may have voiced his opinion a little too much. The result is that he was kicked out of the Conservative caucus for “compromising caucus confidentiality” this week and must now sit as an Independant MP.

I think he is a good Member of Parliament for his riding and all of Canada, regardless of his party. I am not a fan of the Conservatives but there are good and bad policitians in all parties and I think Garth Turner is one of the good ones.