Odds and Sods
Thursday September 28th 2006, 10:58 am

I am writing about a few topics which I found interesting today such as Hurricane Juan, a book I read recently and some good websites. I hope you find it interesting too.

Hurricane Juan
It has been three years today since Hurricane Juan struck Nova Scotia. It was a Category 2 hurricane and was the worst hurricane to ever hit this area because it struck the most populated area of Halifax. There wasn’t very much property damage, if you compare it to hurricanes which hit the southern areas of the United States, but there was mass destruction of our trees especially in our parks. Halifax is known for it’s trees on every street and for the Halifax Public Gardens and Point Pleasant Park. The park is located on 185 acres in the south end of Halifax overlooking the Halifax Harbour and was covered with trees and walkways through the forest and along the waters edge. It was a very beautiful and peaceful area to walk but it lost over 75,000 or 70% of it’s trees, many of which were over a hundred years old, due to the high winds. The trees will eventually reseed themselves and return to their previous grandeur but I won’t see it in my lifetime. The only bright side is that you can now see the ocean, which was previously hidden by the trees, from most areas of the park. The park is undergoing a restoration now, after an international competition was held last year to find the best plan for the future of the park.

Some Good Websites
There was an article in our newspaper last week entitled the Top 10 web sites of the week. Most of them weren’t of interest unless you had young children at home but some of the ones I will check periodically are:
www.jonimitchell.com about Joni Mitchelll

www.relishmag.com about recipes and food

www.thepetprofessor.com about dogs

www.neighborscoffee.com about coffee

www.nyapplecountry.com about apples

A Good Book to Read
I read an interesting book last month called The Skin Type Solution by Leslie Baumann. It is the best book I have read about skin care and the types of products to buy depending on your type of skin. Over the years I have purchased many different skin products which I couldn’t use. The book breaks down each person as either oily or dry, sensitive or resistant, pigmented or non-pigmented and tight or wrinkled. I am oily, sensitive, non-pigmented and tight. I am less likely to wrinkle but should wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. Apparently, the more wrinkles you have, the less basal cell carcinoma you will develop. If you get a significant amount of sun exposure but do not have the genetic tendency to wrinkle, you may develop skin cancers. I spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer and I don’t usually wear sunscreen but will definitely start. I also have rosacea, which is heredity, which is facial redness and broken blood vessels due to skin inflammation. The book states that rosacea is caused by sun damage. Who knew? The book recommends cleaning products, anti-inflammatory products for the rosacea, moisturizers and sun protection products for your skin type. It also advises which ingredients in products to use and to avoid. A few of the products can’t be bought in our area but I got them on eBay from the United States and I am very satisfied with the results after using them for a few weeks. Most of the products recommended can be obtained in any store. I highly recommend reading this book.