Just a normal Monday
Monday September 25th 2006, 3:39 pm

My usual morning schedule is to read the daily newspaper, have breakfast, then go on my computer.

After reading the newspaper this morning, I did some research on the Internet on fibre and glucomannan, which I recently ordered online. Glucomannan powder is a water soluble fibre which can reduce postprandial blood glucose. It apparently keeps blood sugar levels from dropping when too many carbs are eaten. For me too many carbs means just about any carbs, unless it is high fibre, when consumed early in the day. This is due to the Dawn Phenomenon. The Dawn Phenomenon, and it’s associated increase in insulin resistance, is the reason most pre-diabetics and diabetics are far more sensitive to carbs in the morning. This improves for me as the day goes by so that by late afternoon, I can eat fruit and more carbs, within reason, and it doesn’t affect my blood sugar. I will try the glucomannan in protein shakes or with my lunch for a few days to see if it works for me.

After lunch, we went grocery shopping and because it is such a fine sunny day, we drove to the Eastern Passage boardwalk. The boardwalk is located at the mouth of Halifax Harbour so it has great views of the water and is a good place to walk. I took several pictures and put some on this site. Before we returned home, we had supper at one of the seafood restaurants in Fisherman’s Cove, which is next to the boardwalk. After supper we went on another walk around our neighbourhood with Penny and Archie which they enjoyed very much.

I was glad to see Bill Clinton stand up for himself to those guys at Fox News. He was right when he said they would never pose that question to anyone in the Bush administration. I wish he could run for President again or at least someone like him. He had his faults but he was great compared to what is there now.