My weekend
Sunday September 24th 2006, 12:07 pm

I am back home after spending a few days at our cottage. We came home earlier than we planned because it started raining yesterday afternoon and it was cooler than it has been lately. We had to put the heat on Saturday morning for the first time since the spring. It was nice and sunny on Thursday and Friday so I took some pictures, picked tons of tomatoes and zucchini from my garden and did some walking. It was evident that our days at the cottage are coming to an end for this year because we spent more time inside playing cards and reading than outside enjoying the countryside.

Next door to our cottage is a farm with several cows and we have two small dogs, both of which love to roll in anything smelly, need I say more. Our older dog, Archie, loves to bark at the younger cows who are afraid of him and run away. It makes him feel big and brave to scare these cows. Our younger dog, Penny, is a toy poodle and can easily get under the wire fence between the properties. Twice in the past two weekends, she has got under the fence, when we weren’t looking, and rolled in a cow patty. When she returned home, she was covered from head to toe. It’s a good thing we have dog shampoo and an old baby bathtub at the cottage for this type of thing.

On Saturday we went to the Maitland Launch Days. Maitland is a small village located near our cottage which was a large shipbuilding town in the late 1800’s and the Launch Days are a remembrance of their glory days in shipbuilding. The village people dress in clothes from the late 1800’s and have barrel rolling races, displays of shipbuilding at that time and dancing from the 1800’s. We visited Lawrence House museum with it’s grand furnishings from 150 years ago. This house was the homestead of the largest shipbuilder in the town, W. D. Lawrence, who built several world class ships. It is now a Nova Scotia Provincial museum so is well looked after and is very elegant. I put a few pictures on this site which I took on Saturday. In the afternoon we went to a turkey church supper before heading for home. The food was so great that I went off my low carb diet and ate too much but I will be back on track today.

Last night the Rolling Stones had a big concert on the Halifax Commons. Unfortunately, it rained all evening and was cooler than usual at is this time of year. It was bad luck for the 50,000 people in attendance because it was an outdoor concert. They also had Kanye West, Alice Cooper and Sloan who started singing in the afternoon before the Rolling Stones started their act in the evening. I didn’t go but it sounded like a great concert but for $116.25, I would have preferred to be able to have a seat inside. I guess I am too old because most of the younger people who attended didn’t seem to mind the weather. I don’t think I would even pay for an outdoor concert to see my favourite singer, Michael Buble.