Books and Blogs
Wednesday September 20th 2006, 9:20 pm

I really enjoy reading Rosie O’Donnell’s weblog at and I agree with her political and religious views. One of the funniest blogs I have read is, it is hilarious and it’s heard to believe that there are people who talk like that. Another really funny blog is Both of these blogs are conversations which have been overheard by other people and are unbelievable and sometimes crude.

I just finished reading Killer Instinct by Joseph Finder and it’s a good thriller. I read most of his books and enjoyed them all.

Some of my favourite authors are:

David Baldacci
Peter Robinson
Minette Walters
Tess Gerritsen
Ruth Rendell
Tami Hoag
Nicholas Sparks
Robert McCammon
Dean Koontz

My favourite books are English mysteries which are usually better than American mysteries.

I recently started reading some books by Christopher Moore which are very funny. He is so different from anything I have ever read.

I am reading JPod by Douglas Coupland now and it’s weird but good. This is a bestseller and is up for the Giller award.

I never could stand books written by Danielle Steele and no longer like anything written by James Patterson. His books used to be good years ago but the quality has gone down when the quantity went up. I am surprised that every book these authors put out are best sellers. I guess everyone has different tastes in reading.

We will be going to the cottage for a few days tomorrow. I hope to get some reading done and we will be going to a village fair called the Maitland Launch Days on Friday and Saturday. I also hope to get some walking done. The weather is supposed to be sunny and mild until Saturday evening when rain is expected so we will be home on Sunday.