My Thoughts for Today
Wednesday July 13th 2011, 11:41 am

It has been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. I guess I just lost interest in doing it regularly. I am so glad that our weather has improved in the past few weeks. I was afraid we would have one of those foggy, wet summers which we get every five or six years, and we haven’t had for a few years, thankfully. We can be at the mercy of El Nino or El Nina, which causes our too short summers to be even shorter.

One of my perennial gardens in an area of my yard which is hard to get to because I have to climb over a wooden wall, is full of weeds. I have been putting off weeding it for perfect weather conditions. The ground has to be moist so the weeds can be pulled easily. It can’t be too hot and humid like today. A perfect day to weed that garden would be a cloudy day with a breeze following a rainy day, so I guess i can’t weed today. Oh well, I guess I will just have to get a good book and read under the patio umbrella today.

Speaking of good books, I just finished reading “Life” by Keith Richards, and it was very interesting. I have six books from the library waiting to be read, and I probably won’t get through more than two or three of them before they are due to be returned. I bought a Kobo e-reader while I was in Florida in April but I haven’t started to use it yet. I have either read or are not interested in the e-books available at my library. I’ll have to wait for more e-books to be available there. The Kobo e-reader comes with a hundred classic books, so as soon as my library book supply is exhausted, I can start on them.

I can’t believe the financial doom and gloom going on in Europe and the USA. This crisis is only going to get worse in the coming months and years. It can be avoided in the short term, but these countries, including Canada, think they can continue to live beyond their means. Cheap credit is causing individuals everywhere to gorge on debt, especially real estate. It will be a sad day when they realize they have to pay the piper. It is very scary.

Now on to more pleasant things. It is summer. The sun is shining. My dogs are so cute.