My Florida Trips in 2011
Wednesday April 13th 2011, 11:06 am

Regardless of how good or bad our Nova Scotia winter has been, I can’t enjoy it. I can’t even embrace it. The best I can do is tolerate it and hope that our spring, at least, isn’t too damp and cool. This year we had a better than average winter but by February I was tired of the cold and was anxious to get away to sunny, warm Florida.

I planned two Florida trips this year. The first one was one week in mid February with Jennifer, and the second one was three weeks in March and early April with Ken. Jen and I spend our entire week on the go. We went to Universal Studios, Seaworld and spent the rest of the time shopping. The temperatures weren’t great for sunbathing or swimming but were very pleasant for doing what we did.

The three weeks with Ken were very relaxing. We spent many days sitting by the pool and tanning and a few days sightseeing to Busch Gardens, Seaworld and other attractions around Orlando. One of our favourite spots was to walk over to Old Town from our suite in the evening. There are shops, restaurants, a Fun Spot with rides, and several times a week an oldies band plays on the outdoor stage. Every Friday and Saturday nights are the classic antique car cruises with hundreds of very nicely resored cars.

The temperatures were in the mid to high 80’s every day and we even had a few 90’s. We rented an Chev HHR while there so we could come and go whenever we felt like going for a drive or out for a meal. It was probably the most enjoyable and relaxing vacation we have ever had. When we got home, Ken even suggested selling our house in Nova Scotia and moving to Florida. I wouldn’t go that far but we both agreed to spend at least a month in Florida next winter. I still like our Nova Scotia seasons, just not winter so much.

I took over 300 photos while in Florida but have put only 30 here on Flickr because there is only so much space.