Our Second Trip to Las Vegas
Monday April 19th 2010, 2:03 pm

Jennifer and I will be leaving on our second trip to Las Vegas early tomorrow morning. The first thing I heard when I woke up this morning was that volcanic ash from Iceland was heading towards Newfoundland, and eventually the Maritimes, and flights could be cancelled. I had visions of either not being able to travel, or being stuck at an airport for days waiting for a flight. Fortunately, it appears that for now there won’t be a problem with flights from Halifax or Toronto.

Having been there already and taking too many pictures, I won’t be taking as many this time. We plan on going on a day trip to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead which should be interesting. I wanted to go on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, but Jennifer doesn’t want to fly on something so small. There will be plenty to keep us busy for seven days.

I am really looking forward to the sunny and dry climate there. We had very nice unseasonably warm weather in Nova Scotia for the past month, but during the last fews days it has been cold and damp. I spend more and more time each day looking at the webcam beside the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and wishing I was there, walking around in the sun wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I can’t wait.