Computer Shopping at Future Shop
Thursday August 21st 2008, 9:58 am

Yesterday I went shopping for a new LCD monitor. I have been having difficulty reading my non-LCD five year old monitor for some time now, but I kept putting off getting a new one. The prices for anything electronic are getting cheaper and better but if I kept waiting for a better deal, I would never buy one. I thought that because school will be starting soon, there will be good sales around. I did some price comparisons in the weekly flyers, and decided that a 20″ widescreen would meet my needs. The make didn’t make any difference to me as long as the price was in the $200. to $250. range.

I checked the prices at Costco, but because there was no sales person available to answer my questions about compatibility with my 5 year old Compaq Presario computer, I decided to look elsewhere. I love Costco but because of my limited computer knowledge, I didn’t think it would be wise to get a monitor there. I planned on stopping at Future Shop and Best Buy to make comparisons.

Because the salespeople at Future Shop are on commission, I find they talk too fast and can be a little pushy in order to get to the next sale. When I walked in the door of the Halifax Future Shop, I was greeted by a very pleasant salesman named Channa. He took his time showing me the features of the various monitors and measuring them to make sure they would fit on my desk. After making my selection and heading to the cash to pay for my purchase, I passed several computers which were on sale. For only $300. more than the cost of the monitor, I could get a new faster and more powerful computer with a 21.6″ LCD monitor. My old computer is good enough for my needs but is very slow. It didn’t take me long to decide that $300. extra is a small price to pay for a faster more modern computer, so I bought it. Channa advised me that many people prefer Windows XP over the Windows Vista, which is on my new computer, but because I don’t use much software, it shouldn’t be a problem. I never did make it to Best Buy or Staples.

As soon as it was set up, I was so impressed with everything about it. I am so glad I got the computer and not just the monitor. I can now read long articles which previously would tire my eyes after a few minutes. Future Shop has a survey attached to the sales slip for customer feedback. I usually don’t bother with these things but because I thought he was such a good salesman, I will be completing it today.

The weather is too nice outside to spend anymore time on my computer today, so talk to you later.