Give Me A Good British Crime Novel Over Any Blockbuster Movie Thankyou
Thursday July 24th 2008, 1:27 pm

I love to read and my favourite books are British crime novels. Recently I read Ian Rankin’s first novel about detective John Rebus, which was written many years ago and has been developed into a series of novels by Mr. Rankin. I must have read at least one of his novels over the years but I can’t recall which one. Ian Rankin is one of the best writers in the British crime novel genre. He has written several books other than the Rebus detective novels, but I decided to start reading all of those and progress to the others such as The Flood, Watchman and Westwind.

I started by making a list of all the Rebus novels in chronological order, starting with Knots & Crosses, which was written in 1987, to Exit Music, written in 2007. This series of novels has spanned a twenty year period with seventeen novels. It makes more sense to read the novels in the order they were written to better understand the character development and the history over the years.

The main character in these novels is Inspector John Rebus, a detective in the Edinburgh police service. He is similar to other British detectives I have read, written by authors such as Peter Robinson and John Harvey, but they are all enjoyable to read. They are all flawed characters, are complex, usually are divorced and drink and smoke too much. Characters in British crime novels are much more interesting than the ones in most American or Canadian crime novels. I just finished reading Knots & Crosses, am almost finished Hide & Seek, and will start the third novel Tooth & Nail this weekend.

Because I seldom buy books anymore due to storage problems, I prefer to get most of my books from our library at Cole Harbour Place by reserving them online. There are few people reserving his early books so I don’t have to wait long to get them. The only problem with online reserving is to space them so you don’t get too many of them at one time. I am also reserving and reading books from other authors in between the Ian Rankin novels, so it will take me several months to read them all.

I used to enjoy going to the movies every now and then, especially during the summer, but I must be getting old because I now prefer to stay home and read a good book. Yesterday we went to see the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight, mostly because it had received very good reviews. It wasn’t my cup of tea and I didn’t enjoy it. There was a lot of action and visually very exciting, but I was bored. For me it felt like I had seen it all before, many times. I don’t remember ever enjoying a Batman movie. Give me a good British crime novel, or any book for that matter, anyday.

If anyone is interested in reading Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels in chronological order, here is the list, and happy reading.

Knots & Crosses -1987
Hide & Seek
Tooth & Nail -1992
Strip Jack -1992
The Black Book -1993
Mortal Causes -1994
Let It Bleed -1995
Black and Blue -1997
The Hanging Garden -1998
Dead Souls -1999
Set in Darkness -2000
The Falls -2001
Resurrection Man -2001
The Question of Blood -2003
Fleshmarket Close -2004
The Naming of the Dead -2006
Exit Music -2007