Television This Winter Season
Thursday January 10th 2008, 2:10 pm

It appears that the 2008 television season will be a wash out of most of my favourite programs until the writers strike is settled. There may not be any new episodes of my favourites until next year. It is unfortunate timing because the winter is the best time to watch television. I will miss new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost and Prison Break. There are more shows on television that I have never seen than I have seen, but I don’t plan on wasting my time watching reruns of them, especially during the prime time of 9:00 to 11:00 pm.

In addition to the reruns, there are numerous reality and game shows which are filling the time spots. I am looking forward to the return of some of the reality shows such as Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance . There are also dozens of specialty television stations which have very good programs but I haven’t taken the time to watch. I never thought I would say this but I also enjoy some of the new game shows such as Don’t Forget the Lyrics and The Power of 10. For me to say that I enjoy game shows is the same as me enjoying soap operas or country music. Never say never.

I already spend a couple of hours every day reading, so instead of watching television, I may increase my reading time, and count the days until spring. There are only 70 days left until spring, and that includes the leap day in February. There are much better ways to spend an evening than watching television anyway. I may take up knitting, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, sudoko, exercising, playing with my dogs, spending time on my computer, or even talking to my husband more. After this winter, I may not watch television again, who knows.

Have a great day,