2008 Doesn’t Sound Good
Wednesday January 02nd 2008, 1:32 pm

For me, 2007 was a good year, with the exception of the weight I gained. I have made a good start in that department for 2008 by joining Weight Watchers. I have a good feeling that I will stick with it in 2008. It is easy to make a New Years resolution to lose weight when I already started it a few months ago, and I still feel good about it.

The Canadian economy was great in 2007, according to everything you hear. Usually, the state of our economy doesn’t have as much impact on me, as a pensioner, as it does on many Canadians, who are in business or still working. One of the things that really effects me, and most of us, is the price of oil. We are so dependant on it to keep warm during our cold winters, especially in Atlantic Canada, where most of us heat our homes with oil. I just read that the price of crude oil rose 57 percent during 2007, to a high of $100.00 a barrel, and will continue to rise in 2008. In Nova Scotia, we are paying $1.14 a litre for gasoline, and $.92 a litre for furnace fuel today, but this fluctuates weekly. The price of gas has been higher in the past, but this is the highest price we have ever paid for fuel oil. It is going to be an expensive winter for Nova Scotians. Our prices are high compared with the United States, but are still low when compared to Europe. If the price continues to rise, we will think that $.92 a litre to heat our homes is cheap. We will just have different priorities for our money.

We are also hearing that in 2008 our economy will be effected by a spillover from the United States, which will affect our economy. We are in a better position than the United States, which is in a recession, but no one is optimistic about 2008. It doesn’t sound like it will be a great year to be an investor or involved with the many industries which export to the United States. However 2008 turns out, most of us are in a much better financial position than we have ever been. We can purchase most of the things we want, whether we can afford it or not, and that won’t change in 2008.

When I think about the new year, I am more concerned about the weather forecast than the economic forecast. If the only worry that I have in 2008 is to lose some weight, I will be very fortunate. Every year brings uncertainty when it starts, and joys and tragedies as the year progresses. We can’t continue to have good times all the time. Life isn’t like that.

Here’s hoping for a good 2008, and many more of them.