Day one of my new healthy lifestyle.
Friday September 15th 2006, 3:53 pm

I started my exercise program today by walking 40 minutes at a good pace around our neighbourhood. I wasn’t tired when I finished but walking 40 minutes, especially uphill, is the most I should walk until I get in better shape. My husband has been walking 1 to 2 hours daily at a good pace for the past 8 months so he will be walking with me. I plan on increasing my walking time every week until I can walk an hour without being tired. I read that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily such as brisk walking lowers the risk of diabetes. I am in the process of reading about resistance training because I have never done it or even read very much about it and it helps to get rid of belly fat which is a problem when you get older.

It is my first day of eating low carb. I have done this a few times since 2004 and I always feel the same way - more energy, no digestive problems and no hunger between meals. The only problem is that it gets boring after a few months so I start eating more carbs and before you know it, I have fallen off the low carb wagon and into poor eating. I even tried Weight Watchers but it doesn’t work for me because I was always thinking about food and my next meal and was always hungry. This time I have modified the Atkins diet so that I eat more fibre, more fruit and less fat. I trim the fat from meat, the skin from chicken and don’t eat as much butter and cheese as I used to eat. For breakfast I eat a high fibre, low sugar cereal, then I add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, hemp seeds and blueberries for more fibre. Due to the high fibre, I don’t get hungry until lunch. For lunch I eat mostly protein such as a cheese omelet or salmon and some salad. For supper I eat some protein and vegetables but no potato, rice or pasta yet. I may have some of this after I have been eating low carb for a month. I eat fruit in the evening and I drink at least 8 glasses of water. I have tea or coffee in the morning and for supper but only water the rest of the day.