The Best Time of Year
Friday September 21st 2007, 10:51 am

The weather in September here in Nova Scotia is the best. We are having sunny days, with temperatures in the low 20’s C, which is perfect for doing things and going places. I love it, so keep it coming for the next few months. This is the perfect time of year for sightseeing around the province. I hope this is one of those years, like last year, when it was mild until January. I maybe in the minority, but I prefer cooler temperatures. I find anything above 25C is too hot for me.

Our Canadian dollar has finally reached par with the American dollar. This is the first time this has happened since November, 1976. It is great news for Canadians who live close to the American border, and can do regular shopping there. For some reason, products are much cheaper there and they have a greater variety of products. Unfortunately, if you live in Halifax, or most parts of Nova Scotia, the drive is too far. There are bus shopping trips to Maine and the other New England states, which are fun to go on occasionally. You don’t save very much money because the three or four day trip would cost more than you would save with your shopping. You have to consider it more of a vacation than just saving money on your shopping.

I enjoy shopping on eBay. With no difference in the exchange rate now, that is the place to save money. Last year I bought a digital camera and the exchange rate at that time was about 20%. I still saved money when compared with the price I would have paid for the same camera in a store here. For me, saving money while shopping is part of the fun of shopping. I seldom buy anything that isn’t on sale or is a good deal. I guess that is why I love shopping at Costco, Winners and Wal-Mart so much.

Have a great day,