July At the Cottage
Thursday August 02nd 2007, 10:38 am

I didn’t write any blogs during the month of July because I have been enjoying the summer here in Nova Scotia. At this time of year, I usually spend only a few minutes every morning on the computer to check the weather when I am at home. Our weather has been very nice this month, except a few days which were too hot and muggy to do very much, except find a shady spot and read a good book. In the past month, I have read so many books that I can’t remember them all. I usually prefer reading suspense and mystery books, but I recently started reading books by Jennifer Weiner,and I love them. She wrote “In Her Shoes“, which was made into a movie with Cameron Diaz, Shirley MacLaine, and one of my favourite actresses, Toni Collette. The movie was good, but the book was better. I expect to finish reading all her books by next week.

We spent much of the month of July at the cottage going to several BBQ’s, strawberry suppers and other community events, which are held every weekend in the villages near our cottage. I also stained and painted everything which needed it. Everyday we checked the progress of our tomatoes, which are still small and green, and not ready to pick until later in August. We also like to watch the birds eating seeds from our feeders. We must be the only ones feeding those poor birds, because they can empty all four of our feeders, which are large, in one day. At our home, where every yard has a bird feeder, it takes weeks for them to empty them.

On Canada Day, we did some fossil hunting at Burntcoat Head beach, which was lead by an man who is a fossil expert, and spends most of his days searching for them along the shores of the Minas Basin. I found a piece of bone, which was embedded in rock, and was millions of years old. The bone was about 1″ long and still white because it was preserved by rock. The fossil expert advised us that the tides and erosion unearth fossils on a regular basis, and the next time you try to find it, it could be gone with the tide. If the fossils are laying on the beach, you can pick them up. If you have to dig them out of rock, you need a special permit, which is obtained from the Province of Nova Scotia. Whenever we go beach combing, we keep our heads down and are now able to identify things such as ferns, leaves, animal tracks and worm trails in the rocks. You need a lot of patience to spend a lot of time doing it, but it is fun to do occasionally.

Burntcoat Head, which is located close to our cottage, has the highest recorded tides in the world. These tides come in so fast that if you are not careful, you can be trapped in an area where your only escape is to climb cliffs which are 50 to 100 feet high, and not easy to climb. Over the years there have been many people, who are not familar with the area, drown. Whenever we go exploring on these beaches, we watch the tides very carefully.

During the evenings at the cottage, we like to play Rummy 500, watch DVD’s, or Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance episodes on the television. We bought an outside fireplace last summer, but it has been either too warm, too dry for fires, or too many mosquitoes, so we haven’t used it yet this year. The later part of August and Sepember are the best time to use it anyway.

We like to spend even more time at the cottage during the month of August because when August is gone, it seems like summer is almost over. That is probably because school starts the first part of September, and vacations are over for most people. August and September are my favourite months because we have such good weather then, sunny and not too hot, especially in September. Nova Scotia and the Maritimes have the best autumns in Canada, which is good because we have the worst springs, which are usually cool and wet.

Have a great August,