Canada Day Weekend and Dartmouth’s New Costco Store
Thursday June 28th 2007, 9:32 am

Shoppers who love Costco, and who live in the Dartmouth area, have been waiting anxiously for the Costco store to be built in the new Dartmouth Crossing. Every newspaper story has indicated that it was scheduled to open this August. There is an amazing amount of construction going on in Dartmouth Crossing, with new stores opening every week, but there is no sign of the new Costco store.

Yesterday while shopping at the Costco store in Halifax, I asked one of the cashiers, who was ringing through my purchases, if she heard about the new Dartmouth store. No sooner had the words left my lips when I could see that I had opened a sore spot with her, and the other cashier who was loading our groceries into our cart. Apparently, these women live in Dartmouth, and were waiting for the new store to open, so they can work closer to where they live. They both related the story that Costco uses only two contractors for contruction of all their stores in Canada. Due to the strong economy in Canada, there is so much contruction going on that there is a lack of construction workers, and these two contractors are having difficulty completing their contracts on time. The Dartmouth Costco has been postponed, and won’t be completed until the spring of 2008, according to the latest information they heard. They were clearly upset by this news, and so was I.

Oh well it isn’t the end of the world, and there are worse things that can happen, so get over it. It just means that I have to go to Halifax’s Bayer’s Lake for eight or nine months longer than I wanted.

The weather forecast is for sunny and warm weather for our Canada Day weekend. After having a soggy June, I hope July and August will be drier. We will be heading to our summer cottage tomorrow morning for the next four or five days. The Canada Day weekend is the real start of our summer and vacations, so I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great summer.

Happy Birthday Canada,