The Victoria Day Weekend in Halifax
Saturday May 19th 2007, 10:00 am

The Victoria Day weekend is usually when Nova Scotians, and many Canadians, crowd the garden shops to buy bags of compost and mulch, trays of transplants, and hanging baskets for our backyard gardens. It is also the weekend that anyone who owns a cottage will be opening it for the season. That means turning on the water, and raking and cleaning. It is the first long weekend of the “summer” season. Unfortunately, Nova Scotians will probably have to postpone these activities until next weekend because our weather forecast is for rain all weekend, until Tuesday. Today we are experiencing heavy to moderate rain, so no matter how much I want to go outside to work in my garden, I will just have to wait. We will also have to wait until at least next week to open our cottage for the season.

This minor setback won’t stop me, however, because I still plan on buying my transplants, baskets, and compost today, but I will wait to do the gardening. I hope to avoid the crowds, and still take advantage of the sales this weekend. I hope everyone doesn’t have the same plan. It is probably better to plant transplants in damp weather than in hot weather, which can stress the plants. If it is just drizzle tomorrow or Monday, I may do some planting, even though it may be messy. Our planned barbeques will also have to wait until later this week.

Halifax will be holding their fourth annual Bluenose Marathon on Sunday, and they have had rain half the time since it started in 2004. The runners probably prefer sunny and mild temperatures for their marathons, but we get a lot of rainy days here this time of year. There will be several marathons run through the streets of Halifax tomorrow. There will be the full marathon of 42.2 km, the half marathon of 21.1 km, the 10k, the 5k, a relay, and a youth run of 4.2 km. There will also be several events associated with the marathons, so it should be fun, regardless of the weather.

2:30 p.m.
I am back home this afternoon after buying several varieties of transplants and hanging baskets of flowers at our Kent building supply store here in Dartmouth. They had large, healthy packs of four plants for sale for $.97. There were a lot more people out buying plants at that store on this rainy day than I anticipated, possibly because their prices were better than at some of the other stores in the area. I was able to get forty packs of transplants, five hanging flower baskets, and twelve geraniums, so that will keep me busy.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a great Victoria Day weekend,