Low carb eating and exercise
Thursday September 14th 2006, 2:21 pm

My doctor’s office phoned me yesterday with an appointment to see my doctor today. I thought that was fast because I usually have to wait a week or more to see her so I was a little concerned to get that phone call because I had my annual blood test recently. I am insulin resistant and pre-diabetic. Last year I was following the Atkins diet and I felt very good, lost weight and my blood tests showed improvement. I got tired of eating too much fat and not enough fruit so I gradually slipped back to my previous way of eating too many carbohydrates. I love sweets and when I eat them, they effect my blood sugar so I get hungry soon after and crave more sweets and food. My doctor advised me that my fasting blood sugar glucose level was up to 6.1 and my liver enzymes were elevated. She said that carbs which are not burned off by exercise turn into fat in the liver. Therefore I must reduce my carbohydrates, exercise more and have blood tests every three months until there is an improvement.

I will be starting a modified low carb way of eating today which includes high fibre, moderate amounts of fat, no sugar or white flour and exercise. A low carb diet gives enough nutrients without the excess carbs that cause high blood sugars and requires high levels of insulin. Based on some of the research I did, fat isn’t the bad guy but combining high fat with high carb intake is a recipe for disaster especially when you get older.

I will try to eat more chicken and fish than red meat and eat 30 grams of protein at most meals in order to keep my blood sugar level. People who are pre-diabetic often have insulin levels in their blood twenty times higher than normal. The massive amounts of insulin causes the blood sugar to drop to very low levels which causes symptoms such as light headedness, confused thinking, memory problems etc. and craving sweets to try to bring the blood sugar level back to normal. I will start walking regularly to burn off excess carbohydrates. I have a treadmill which I will use on bad weather days. I plan on posting my progress and the results of the blood tests regularly.