Good Riddance To This Way of Thinking
Wednesday May 16th 2007, 1:05 pm

I was reading my newspaper this morning to see if there was anything of interest I could write about today, and one thing caught my eye. My first reaction to the death of Jerry Falwell was good riddance. He and his “moral majority” seemed to be very scary and hateful people. I avoid reading anything about evangelists, and people like Jerry Falwell, because I oppose their views. So I was surprised to read that today’s evangelists are more concerned with addressing poverty and AIDS in the world. I don’t think that they are more open minded when it comes to gays and abortion, but they know that to get things done, they must be less extreme. They believe in collaboration instead of confrontation. I hope they can keep their thoughts about gays and abortion to themselves. Hopefully the days of people like Jerry Falwell are gone. I never had a good impression of any evangelist because I thought that most of them were in it for the money. After all, it is a very lucrative job, and I have never heard of a poor evangelist.

Evangelists and their followers do more harm than good with their bigoted thinking, and they don’t even realize it. Their followers are still against gays, feminists, stem cell research, same-sex marriage, and rights to abortions. Fortunately, there are many liberal minded people around who find this narrow minded way of thinking offensive. In Canada, there appears to be more open minded and liberal thinking, and our government isn’t swayed by the religious right. In the United States one-third of the members of Congress have identified themselves as “evangelical”, and more than fifty percent of it’s citizens belong to the religious right. Canada has less of the religious right, and is a more open minded, kind and peace loving country. Enough said on that subject.

Have a good day,