The University of Calgary’s High Fat Meal Study Is Faulty
Tuesday April 24th 2007, 10:13 am

A recent study was done by researchers at the University of Calgary who looked at the stress responses of 30 students who ate two different breakfast meals after fasting the night before. One of the meals was a high fat and high carbohydrate breakfast from McDonalds, and the other breakfast was a low fat high carbohydrate breakfast. They then gave the participants high stress tests two hours after eating the breakfasts. After eating the McDonalds breakfast, there was a 25% increase in blood pressure, faster heart rates and hardened blood vessels, which are all factors for heart disease and stroke.

I don’t think that eating a McDonalds fast food breakfast is healthy at all, and if even a few people stopped eating them, this study would have done some good. The conclusion of the study was that even a single high fat meal is harmful to your health. The problem with this study is that their conclusion should have been that a combination of high fat and high carbohydrates in a meal causes harm to your health, even after just one meal. There have been many studies done on the Atkins diet, which is a high fat and low carbohydrate diet, and which has been found to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels and triglycerides, and is good for your health.

You would have thought that research scientists would have known this, and that this combination is what causes the harm. The combination of high fat and high carbohydrates such as the hash brown patties and the English muffins in the study caused the problem, and not just the high fat part of the meal. They would have had a far different result if the participants in the study had eaten only the eggs and sausage part of the meal. Eating too many carbohydrates and too much fat is the cause of the epidemic of obesity in North America. We can be healthy eating low fat, high carb meals, and we can also be healthy eating high fat, low carb meals, as many studies have shown.

We wonder why there are so many studies which appear to contradict other studies to the point that we don’t know what is good or bad for us anymore. For example, there have been studies which have advised that coffee isn’t good for us, then another study will say that it is very good for us. Many of us have lost faith in these studies for this reason. You don’t need a PhD to realize this study has missed a very important point which should have been known by the research scientists at the University of Calgary.

Have a good day,