I Just Need A Little Sun
Sunday April 22nd 2007, 9:23 am

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in Nova Scotia. We took some of our lawn furniture out from winter storage in our garage and garden sheds recently, and I spent the afternoon enjoying the sun in the backyard. It almost felt like a summer day. I actually felt like planting some seeds in my garden, but I know we will be getting overnight frost a few more times during the next few weeks. I will have to wait until the end of next month for most of my gardening.

We have so many things for our back yard, that it takes a garage and three sheds to store it all. All those tables, benches, chairs, planters and other garden sundry take up a lot of space. Every year we buy something new, and it keeps accumulating. We have had a few other warm, sunny days this spring, but this was the first day I spent some time in the sun doing some reading and a little sunbathing. I say a little, because we need to get our vitamin D, but we don’t need a sunburn, especially with the ozone layer getting thinner.

I had planned on cleaning the inside of our car yesterday, but I decided that I didn’t want to waste a sunny day, and I can do that anytime. Because yesterday was Saturday, everyone was outside going for walks, washing cars, raking lawns and gardens, having BBQ’s or just puttering around. There were probably a few sunburns around because our spring was so slow starting this year, that we all became sun-starved. Is that a new term for us in the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario this year?

Every year I plan on using sun screen when I am in the garden, but that resolution lasts only a few days. Last year, I started using Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer on my face, arms and legs, and I really like it. It doesn’t have any SPF protection in the sun, so it is only good for indoor use. It is especially good if you use it early in the spring, then you don’t look so white when you finally start wearing shorts and T-shirts. I gives a healthy glow, without having to get a suntan. Even the self-tanners are better quality than they used to be, and are more popular around here. It is especially important for us women who don’t want to get wrinkles from too much sun.

It looks like another sunny day today, so I want get outside and enjoy it.

Have a good day,