The N.I.M.B.Y. Effect of Reducing Greenhouse Gases in Canada
Friday April 20th 2007, 12:23 pm

Canadians believe we must do something about our greenhouse gas emissions. We feel we have to do something so we will feel better about the global warming problem. When it comes to alternate and renewable energy, wind power is something which environmentalists think is worth trying on a larger scale. More wind farm projects are being proposed in Nova Scotia, and already it is causing problems. We want to be responsible citizens but if it inconveniences us or costs us too much money, we draw the line. Wind turbines are noisy, and there have already been many complaints from people who live near existing wind farms. People feel they are okay, as long as they are “not in my backyard”, and who can blame them.

A wind farm development is being proposed near one of Nova Scotia’s most popular cottage areas, and according to real estate agents, property values will drop drastically if it is approved. Nova Scotia is also doing environmental studies on tidal power on the Bay of Fundy, which is considered a more consistent source of energy than wind or solar power in Nova Scotia. They must complete an environmental assessment of the area, and consult with people who live and work along the Bay of Fundy to see how this will effect their lives before anything can be developed.

Areas nearest the ocean are usually the best areas for wind farms because they have the most wind, but they are also the areas where people prefer to live in Nova Scotia. If we believe the scientists, global warming will cause the oceans to rise so much that living close to the shoreline won’t be an option. Our cottage is located on a windy hill overlooking the Minas Basin, and is surrounded by farmland. It is an ideal area for wind turbines, but the noise, which travels some distance, would ruin the tranquility of our cottage and of other people who live in the area. I don’t want them in my backyard or even close to it.

Most of the power produced in Nova Scotia is from coal and oil. Even using more wind and tidal power, the most we will be able to produce will be only 10% of our power needs. Nova Scotia is in the unfortunate position of not having the hydroelectric power they have in some of the other provinces, which may cost us in greenhouse emission tax penalties in the future. This is something that Nova Scotia can’t afford, and will bring little benefit to the big picture.

Canada produces one of the highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions per capita, but because of our low population, we produce only 2% of the total gas emissions on earth. Reducing this figure would hardly make a difference, so it is very scary to read the latest report from the government. The government states that implementation of the Kyoto Accord would have a major effect on the economy of Canada, and cause a recession on a par with the 1981/1982 recession. I believe that there will be a huge economic effect in Canada if we implement Kyoto, and even if their report is exaggerated, it will still effect us. As far as I am concerned, it is unnecessary.

I am not a great fan of our Conservative government, but I am with them on this one. The government feels that Kyoto compliance would be impossible, and may lead to economic collapse in Canada. I hope the other parties, and the Canadian public sees the light, before it goes too far.