The End of March
Saturday March 31st 2007, 9:19 am

March is going out like a lamb today. It actually came in like a lamb this year, but there were a few days in between which were like a lion. Goodbye March winds, and hello April showers. Today will be sunny and cool in Nova Scotia. It will be a good day to go to the Ideal Home Show because cooler temperatures outside, usually make being inside crowded buildings more pleasant. Because we will be in the area anyway, I plan on going to the Lee Valley store and get those things I put on my list yesterday, and also pick up some flowers for Easter at Wal-Mart or Costco.

I am back from shopping at Lee Valley earlier today, and I got everything on my list. I have always wanted to get a gazing ball for my backyard, but I never got around to getting one. Today at Costco, I bought some solar gazing ball lights. They come in a set of four lights, and are shaped like gazing balls, but the lights change colors at night. I already have several solar lights in my backyard, but these are just a little different, and another thing for my garden.

The home show was nice, and about the same as last year, except there were fewer landscape displays. I know these things take a lot of time and manpower to set up, which is probably the reason the gardening and landscape businesses aren’t doing as many of them now. These displays were always the most interesting part of the spring home show for me, and I am sure many gardeners. There weren’t as many kitchens this year, but there were too many displays of hot tubs. Do people really buy those things. This year I plan on buying only a few items for my house, because my house is already overcrowded with things. I still enjoy seeing the latest styles and items for the home, which are available in the area.

Have a good Saturday,