This is Not a Drugstore
Thursday March 29th 2007, 4:10 pm

During the past week, advertisements for online drugs have been appearing on my blog as comments. Everyday I have to check the comments area in order to delete them, before my blog starts to resemble a drugstore. It must be because I live in Canada. There is a block to stop anything which maybe pornographic from appearing in the comments, but it is probably difficult to stop everything you don’t want. All the online drug ads are appearing in the comments section of my blog which is entitled “Television”. I decided to change the name of that blog to see if that makes a difference.

I am lucky I don’t get too many crackpots, in fact, I have only had one. It was a lady?? from the United States, who didn’t like what I said about the government in her country. I didn’t really read the comment, because after the first few lines, I realized she wasn’t all there, so I deleted it. I was only telling the truth, as hard as it was for her to hear. Most of the comments I receive are very nice.

I didn’t write a blog this morning, because I finally sat down and completed our income tax returns. I am glad that is done for another year.

Have a good day, what is left of it.