Delusional Calgaria is Amusing, But Ineffective
Wednesday March 28th 2007, 9:52 am

Before I logged onto the Nova Scotia government’s latest way to try to lure Nova Scotians back home from Calgary, I thought the website would be mean spirited and insulting, based on what I had heard about it. In fact, it is very amusing, and I doubt most Calgarians will even pay attention to it. I think Nova Scotians will enjoy it, but I don’t think it will have much effect on anyone who is living in Calgary, and earning more money than they could earn in Nova Scotia.

The website is located at It implies that Calgary is a soulless, overpriced city, and that maybe true, but how important is that to the average person who lives there. The intervention video is funny, and it shows a former Nova Scotian, who is overworked and doesn’t appear to be enjoying his life in Calgary. His family and friends have an intervention to help him realize the error of his ways. It says “sometimes it takes the courage of family and friends to help someone break the grip of delusional Calgaria”. The video advises that “delusional Calgaria” can be beaten, and don’t let another day pass before you try to help someone who is suffering from it. The intervention forces him to realize what he is missing in Nova Scotia, and finally he agrees to move back to Nova Scotia.

There has been some criticism of the website, but anyone from Alberta who has seen it, will probably feel it will have no effect, and I agree with them. The website cost $150,000., which I feel is a waste of money, except in it’s entertainment value. There is no way you can encourage anyone, who is earning a good living in Alberta, away from that life. They left in the first place because they couldn’t find a well paying job here in Nova Scotia, and nothing has changed since they left.

I may have a defeatist attitude, but I feel the Nova Scotia government should stop wasting taxpayer’s money on something which I don’t feel will work. They are just beating a dead horse in this one. I know it is hard for the government to just sit back and do nothing. They must feel that doing something, even something as ineffective as this website, will impress some Nova Scotians, and that is the name of the game in politics.

I hope everyone is having as good a day as I am having in Nova Scotia. If you aren’t, we all welcome you to come here for the relaxing, good life by the sea. Of course, you should have money before you come, just in case.

P. S. Halifax and Nova Scotia are great places to retire. Check my blog of October 14, 2006 for some information about retiring here.