I Have to Do It Today, or At Least Soon
Tuesday March 27th 2007, 9:36 am

I have been putting it off long enough. I just have to get everything ready, sit down and do it. I know I really don’t have to have it done this early, but I am a little too paranoid to leave it go any longer. I have never waited this long before, as I usually have everything completed by now. You never know, I could be hit by a car, and end up in the hospital for the next month or so, then where would I be.

I have heard all the excuses. “The dog ate it”. “My wife, children, mother-in-law and I were all too sick”. “My house burned down, and everything was destroyed”. “A thief stole my car, and everything was in there”. The most common excuse is “I mailed it, so Canada Post must have lost it”. Most of these excuses usually fell on deaf ears, because I really didn’t believe them. People will say anything to get out of doing this on time. Everyone likes to procrastinate. I always told myself that I would never be like them. At least working there for thirty-five years taught me something.

I don’t like noise or interruptions in the house while doing it, so I will wait until everyone is out of the house, and the dogs are having their naps. I will have to wait until after the mailman has delivered the mail, because our two dogs go crazy when he comes near the house. I will clear a spot on the dining room table, and get everything ready to, you guessed it, prepare the dreaded income tax returns. They are neither difficult nor time consuming, just an unpleasant task, which must be done every year, another sign of spring.

Even though I don’t really like preparing our income tax returns, I would never dream of hiring anyone to do them for me. It would seem like a waste of money, because they are so easy to do. Once they are completed and mailed, it is a huge load off my mind, unless I owe money. The thing about taxes is that what you don’t see, you don’t miss. For that reason, I always make sure that my husband and I always have enough tax taken out of our pensions before we get them. That is the other lesson I learned from working for the tax department for thirty-five years. If we get a refund, it feels like we received a gift, even though it is our own money. I don’t want to be bothered with making quarterly installments, or paying anything when I file the return. I want someone else to look after deducting it. It feels like I am paying less that way.

If you haven’t already filed your income tax returns for this year, you have only 34 days to get them in the mail.

Have a good day and good luck,