Weekends are Special
Saturday March 24th 2007, 11:52 am

Another sunny spring day, and my husband is at the building supply store again. Today isn’t as warm as yesterday, which was 14C, but it is a good day to work outside. It is especially nice because it is the first weekend of spring. Even though we are retired, weekends still seem special. We still like to go for Sunday drives, and do things we usually don’t do during the week. It maybe from habit, because we used to work Monday to Friday, but I have been retired almost three years. It is probably because events are geared towards working people, so there are more things going on during the weekend. I mentioned Sunday drives, but we don’t do that very often now due to the cost of gas. It seems like a waste of money, unless we have a specific destination, and something to do once we get there, rather than just driving to look at the scenery.

When I was working, many weekends were spent catching up on housework, because we didn’t have time to get it done during the week. Most working people do this, along with trying to spend time with their children. We used to try to cram as much as we could into those two precious days off. Now that my children have grown up, I wish I had spent more time with them on the weekends, than catching up on reading, or other things I thought were important.

Sunday is the day we try to go out and do something. Lately, we have spent the day shopping at Costco in Bayers Lake, and some of the other stores in that area, to check out the sales. One of my favourite clothing stores is Cotton Ginny. They have clothes that fit, nice casual styles and very good sales. I seldom buy anything except casual clothes anymore. After finishing our shopping, we go out to dinner. During the past month, we have been going to Cousins Restaurant in Halifax every Sunday. I love the food there and the prices are very reasonable. Every Sunday, the place is packed with baby boomers and seniors, who know a good deal when they see it. It feels like a neighbourhood restaurant, where everyone knows each other. We have gone there so often recently, that for a change, we plan on going to the Chickenburger in Bedford this Sunday. This restaurant has been very popular since it opened in 1940. A few years ago they redecorated it to resemble a 1950’s diner. The place is very nostalgic, with pictures on the walls of the way it was in Bedford fifty years ago. The food is very good, but is a little more expensive than Cousins.

Next weekend, the Ideal Home Show will be held in Halifax. We don’t plan on doing any renovations this year, but we may go anyway. The spring home show also has the Ideal Garden and Patio show, and it’s good to get ideas there for my garden. If the weather is nice next Sunday, we may go to our cottage for the day. As soon as the weather gets warmer beginning sometime in May, we spend most of our weekends at the cottage. We don’t like to miss weekends in the country, unless the weather isn’t good. There is always something going on in the surrounding villages. Of course, there is always more going on around the city, but we prefer the country events.

Have a great weekend,