Spring Is In The Air
Friday March 23rd 2007, 9:56 am

I can tell that spring is in the air because my husband is looking around for some outdoor projects to do. He has been thinking about this for weeks, but it has been just too cold to work outside. At this moment, he is at the building supply store buying some wolmanized lumber to replace part of a fence and a gate in our backyard. Most of our yard has white chainlink fencing, but because I like white picket fences, we decided to put pickets nearest the house. When my husband fenced the backyard about seven or eight years ago, he couldn’t find any wolmanized pickets, so he had to use regular wood pickets. Their lifespan outside is about seven or eight years, and this winter took it’s toll on the picket fence. Most of the fence, except the wolmanized posts, fell apart at the same time. There are a few broken pickets so our toy poodle, Penny, was able to crawl under it. I don’t think she will do it again, because she is too afraid to be outside the yard by herself. She only went as far as our front door, and knocked on it with her paw to be let inside. This time my husband will be getting wolmanized wood to make his own pickets, which should last forever.

The fence project should last only a few days, so his next job will be a large wolmanized box for our garbage bags. We have a problem with crows tearing them if they are left unprotected outside, and squirrels tearing them in the garage. The box will have a double duty because I will use the top of it as a table to do my gardening. We were going to buy a plastic garbage container, but they are either too tall or too short to use for a planting table. I am sure he will find another project to do when these things are done. He likes to keep busy outside when the weather is nice.

I planted some seeds indoors a few days ago, so they should be ready to plant in the garden after our last frost. My gardening journal says that the last frost in Halifax is April 30, but I prefer to wait until mid May for most of my planting. I have been keeping records in my gardening journal for the past three years, and we haven’t had a frost after April, during that time. I will probably plant hardier things like perennials, geraniums, dracaenas, and the bulbs we dug up last fall, earlier than that. Working in the garden in the spring is my favourite time, before the blackflies and weeds take over the garden. I get tired of gardening during the summer when the weeding seems endless. We spend so much time at our cottage during the summer, that I give up on the job of getting rid of weeds at home. I wait until they become so tall that I don’t even have to bend over to pull them out. I wish there was an easier way to get rid of weeds, and still have a nice garden.

This spring also welcomes Jacob, who was born early this morning in Ottawa, and is my grand nephew and the first grandchild in our family. Spring is the best time to have a birthday. It is so healthy for babies to be able to spend time outside during their first few months, in the fresh air, during the spring, summer and fall. Welcome Jacob.

Have another great spring day,