The End of February, Hooray.
Wednesday February 28th 2007, 10:50 am

It’s the last day of February, a day I always look forward to each winter, because it usually means that the worst of winter is behind us. We can get some snow in March, but not the cold temperatures. March in Nova Scotia is usually windy but milder, and whatever snow we received in January and February, will melt. This year, however, we didn’t get much snow, but we did get much colder temperatures than we are used to getting. The beginning of March also means that there are only three weeks left in winter. It also means thinking about gardening. I am not a great gardener, like my brother and sisters, but I enjoy doing it.

Last week, I purchased several packets of seeds. Most of them are vegetable seeds for the new, improved and larger vegetable garden we plan on putting in at the cottage. Last summer we cut down several alders at the back of our property, so in April or early May, we (and I mean my husband) will pull out the roots, so they won’t grow again. The soil there is very rich, so it needs little or no compost to grow nice vegetables.

I also got several packets of herb seeds to start another herb garden. I have one in my backyard now, but it is located in a low part of the yard. Most of the herbs in that garden drowned last summer, due to too much rain in the early part of the summer. This year I bought seeds for thyme, sweet basil, dill, chives, parsley and lavender. I may keep some of these herbs in pots, instead of putting them all in the garden. I have never started herbs from seed before, as I usually buy the plants already started. As long as I have a sunny window, there shouldn’t be a problem growing them.

My dining room used to be an excellent place to start seedlings, until we replaced our patio door, which now has low E glass, several years ago. Anything I try to grow there now becomes too splindly, due to the low light rays. This must be a problem in most new or renovated homes, which have low E glass in the windows. Fortunately, I have some windows at the back of my house, which faces south, which don’t have low E windows. In early March I will start my indoor planting. I also have some perennial seeds for Bee Balm and Gaillardia, and I may get more varieties, before I start planting these inside, by mid-March.

The end of February means spring is coming soon, and for people who like to garden, that is a good thing.

Have a good day,