The Gloomy and Dismal October of 2008
Thursday October 23rd 2008, 1:51 pm

There is nothing that marks the end of summer like closing down the cottage for the year. Depending on the weather this task is usually done during the month of October. We like to pick a nice sunny day in order to make it as pleasant as it can be. One day last week we loaded the car with boxes in order to take home anything which will freeze during the winter. We drained the pipes, put away the lawn furniture and boxed the food from the freezer, fridge and cupboards. Unfortunately, this year we didn’t spend much time at the cottage because the weather wasn’t very good. The spring was cold and damp, June and July were great, but August was too damp and cloudy to be able to spend much enjoyable time there. October is always the end of the good times at the cottage and the start of getting ready for winter, which to me is gloomy and dismal.